Your work will reach billions of people.

Building a bad-ass platform that will run 30% of the Internet

At Pantheon, everyone takes responsibility for their initiatives, works well together as a team, and trusts and expects one another to get the job done. Our approach is pragmatic and anti-bs; we eschew silos.

We are leaders in open-source communities and have face to face relationships with our users and customers. We’re on a mission to make it easy to build, launch, and run websites.

Hiring at Pantheon: Are you a Pantheor?


Pantheon HQ takes up the full top floor of a historic building overlooking Chinatown in San Francisco. The centrally-located neighborhood is bustling with locals and tourists taking in the sights, shopping and dining at some of the famous San Francisco restaurants nearby.

Nutritious Eats + Caffeinated Treats

Our kitchen is fully stocked with nutritious snacks, a kombucha keg, and at least six different ways to get your caffeine fix. We eat lunch together every day, delivered from a variety of local restaurants and catering companies.

Happy Hours

Our lounge comes equipped with a kegerator and full cocktail bar. On Fridays we sample the cocktail of the week together and once a month we like to head out into the surrounding neighborhood for a drink.

Movies + Games

Sporadic movie and game nights at the office, complete with a large projection screen and killer sound system.


We love our bikes! In-office bike storage is available along with bike pumps and tools.

Top-of-the-line Gear

Naturally, we are big fans of technology and make sure everyone is provided with the best hardware and software for getting the job done.


Full medical coverage, a competitive salary and a chance to have a big impact with a small team doing huge things are standard for the industry. Pantheon provides even more little benefits that keep everyone happy, healthy and excited to stay.

Custom Bicycle Discounts

Everyone at Pantheon receives a discount with Mission Bicycle for their own bespoke transportation.

Commuter Benefits

Pay for your transportation costs with pre-tax funds to cover bike repairs, parking and public transportation.

Kindle + Ebook allowance

We like to keep our minds sharp by making sure everyone has a Kindle for pleasure reading and a monthly allotment for e-book purchases. Need a book related to your role here? Just let office management know and it’ll be on its way.

Gym Membership

All that office work can take its toll on your body! Enjoy the reimbursement program to cover gym memberships and drop-in classes and keep yourself active.

Vacation and Sick Days

We don’t believe in the 100+ hour work week, most people pay for over working with interest. We work hard, get our jobs done, and remember to rest. This includes real vacation time to step away from phones, emails, and computers and fully recharge.

We send you home if you show up to work sick.