Extend with Plugins

Use plugins to extend what you can do with Terminus.

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Extend the functionality of Terminus and add commands by installing third-party plugins.


If you are a plugin author, ensure your your plugin is updated for Terminus 2. See Terminus 2.0 to compare the differences.

Install Plugins

Add plugins within the $HOME/.terminus/plugins directory on your local workstation. You may need to create the $HOME/.terminus/plugins directory if it does not already exist:

mkdir -p $HOME/.terminus/plugins

Download a zip archive of the plugin's most recent release, then install it by unpacking the archive within $HOME/.terminus/plugins:

curl https://github.com/pantheon-systems/terminus-plugin-example/archive/1.x.tar.gz -L | tar -C ~/.terminus/plugins -xvz

Update Plugins

Delete the plugin from the $HOME/.terminus/plugins directory. Download the latest version of the plugin and move the plugin directory into the $HOME/.terminus/plugins directory.

Uninstall Plugins

Delete the plugin from the $HOME/.terminus/plugins directory.