Pantheon Organizations FAQs

Commonly asked questions and answers about Agency Partner Organizations using the Pantheon Platform.

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What is the benefit of Multidev?

Multidev environments allow you to seamlessly collaborate on your website development projects, without coordinating local environments or trying to achieve parity with everyone’s local vagrant instance and the production server.

How does Multidev work?

Creating a Multidev environment creates an application container with a database server, and connects them to backing services. It creates a Git branch of your codebase from the Master branch, and checks it out in the Multidev environment's application container. It clones the database from the specified environment into the new database server, and clones the filesystem similarly. The new Multidev environment has a unique URL, and behaves the same as the Development environment, with the ability to receive code changes via Git pushes or SFTP file uploads. Multidev environments cannot have custom domains.

How can my Organization get Multidev and how much does it cost?

Multidev is one of the highlight features of the Pantheon Partner Program. Visit the Partner Program Page to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Pantheon Partner Agency, or contact us.

Change Management

From within the Organization Dashboard, you can assign organization members one of three roles: Administrator, Team Member, and Developer. Developers in an organization can commit code to Multidev and Development environments, but cannot deploy code or clone databases and files into Test or Live environments.

Can I Restrict Access to a Specific Site with the Developer Role?

Only sites owned by Enterprise and EDU+ can assign the developer role to specific users. Partner Organizations cannot specify which members have access to specific sites.

How is site ownership determined?

The person who creates the site owns it until someone else starts paying for it. The user or Enterprise Organization who pays for the site is the owner thereafter.

Where can I learn more about these roles?

See Role-Based Permissions & Change Management for details.

How do we add new sites to an Organization?

When you or the administrators, team members, or developers in your agency create sites, you have the option of associating it with your organization. Once associated, all members of the organization can access the Site's Dashboard from the Organization Dashboard.


Why do login attempts fail for all users across my organization simultaneously?

Any large agency that has multiple developers who login frequently via username/password will trigger failed logins for everyone else who works on the site. This occurs despite everyone using the right password and even when one user logins in and out successfully 3 times.

As a workaround, we recommend following development best practice workflows by authenticating via SSH key for password-less access.

Why can't I access Multidev on my site when the Supporting Organization can use it?

Only organizational team members and administrators of a Supporting Organization with Multidev will be able to use this feature. Site team members who are associated with the site but not the agency can access Multidev environments via the unique URL, but will not be able to commit code to them.

Why can't my Agency Organization own a site?

Enterprise, Reseller, OEM, and EDU+ organizations own sites. Registered Agencies, Pantheon Partners, Premier Pantheon Partners, Strategic Pantheon Partners, and EDU organizations support sites. This is because an agency's role is to develop, service, and maintain a site on behalf of its owner. Read more about owning and supporting sites in our Organizations doc.

Can I add my own Agency as a Supporting Organization to a client's site?

No. Only the owner of the site can add an agency as a Supporting Organization. This action grants all members of the organization access to the site. You should ask site owners to add your agency as a Supporting Organization if you are providing services to the site.

What privileges and roles are granted when adding a Supporting Organization?

All organization members have access to the site, with permissions determined by their roles at the organization level.

Can the site owner override privileges and access for organizational team members of a Supporting Organization?

Yes, but only for sites owned by Enterprise or EDU+ organizations. Roles designated on the Site Team modal will override any roles assigned within the organization.

Do you have a status page?

Yes. Please follow @pantheonstatus on Twitter and bookmark

How do I submit a support request when the Dashboard is down?

If you need to submit a support request and can’t access the Dashboard, send an email to

As a Partner, do I get enhanced support?

Your support level increases along with your Partner Program level. Refer to the Pantheon Partner Portal for more information.

As an Agency, how many sandbox sites do members of an organization receive?

Each member of an organization can create up to 10 Sandbox sites. When the limit of 10 is reached, taking a site live or deleting unused sites will free up additional Sandbox slots.


Can we run our Joomla, Magento, Laravel, or (insert other PHP framework here)?

No, we don’t support them.