Pantheon Changelog

September 2021 Changelog

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Platform Improvements

Drupal 9.2.3

Drupal 9.2.3 is now available for production sites. Drupal 9 sites on Pantheon use Integrated Composer, enabling one-click core updates through the Dashboard. To check for available updates, click Check Now from the Site Dashboard Dev tab.

Drupal 9.2.x will receive security coverage until June 15, 2022. Sites on 9.1.x or earlier should update to Drupal 9.1.11.

Drupal 8.9.18

Drupal 8.9.18 is now available on the Pantheon platform. Detailed information on applying and debugging core updates can be found in the Core Updates documentation.

Drupal 7.82

Drupal 7.82 is now available on the Pantheon platform. Pantheon is committed to providing Drupal 7 extended support for all customers through 2025, past Drupal 7’s end of life in 2022.


Autopilot - The Autopilot guide has been updated now that Autopilot is available for all users with Gold Accounts and higher.

Pantheon Disaster Recovery Playbook - Address and troubleshoot emergency downtime situations on the Pantheon platform. The guide focuses on the immediate actions a Pantheon customer should take in the event of a catastrophic site failure.

Using Solr 8 on Drupal 9 - Pantheon Search with Solr 8 is currently available as part of our Early Access program. Pantheon Search derives from Apache Solr v8.8 and gives Drupal 9 web teams a high-performance search index integrated with Integrated Composer's easy one-click updates.