Meet the Team

Pantheon is growing and thriving with the brightest minds in technology.

CEO & Co-Founder
CTO & Co-Founder
Co-Founder and Head of Developer Experience
Products & Co-Founder
VP of Marketing
VP Sales & Business Development
Director of Engineering
Director of Customer Success
Wally Nawbary Account Manager

Matches client needs to high-level plans

Ray Thompson Software Engineer

Designs and implements back-end systems.

Kyle Mathews Product Manager

Develops front end code and features.

Mariah Whitney Finance

Responsible for bookkeeping and accounting.

Daniel Finnerty Finance

Manages customer financial relationships.

Kyle Ibrahim Systems Engineer

Implements user interface and platform improvements. 

Jerry Blakley Senior Systems Engineer

Optimizes platform performance. 

Joe Miller Lead Systems Engineer

Works on large scale system engineering and automating infrastructure. 

Ricky Pugh Customer Success Engineer

Focuses on support for self-serve customers. 

Jeff Pflueger Account Manager

Tailors enterprise plans for high availability sites. 

Jessi Fischer Enterprise Onboarding Manager

Oversees Enterprise client site launches on the platform.

Timani Tunduwani Customer Support Manager

Manages incoming ticket queue and resolves user issues. 

Ben Sheldon Developer Experience Engineer

Improves internal and external developer experience.

Aviva Reim Head of Team Operations

Keeps Pantheon HQ functional day to day.

Conrad Corpus Client Advocate

Evaluates developer requirements and facilitates the decision process.

Ryan Sears Account Manager

Creates customized solutions for media and government clients. 

Sophie Jelen Account Manager

Specializes in Enterprise solutions for nonprofits and mission based organizations. 

Suzanne Aldrich Customer Success Engineer

Debugs problems and resolves issues for self-serve customers.

Justin Campbell Sales Development Representative

Evaluates developer requirements and facilitates the decision process.

calevans Developer Advocate

A man of many skills, but few talents.

Linda Watkins Marketing Manager

Ensures the success of our partners through joint marketing campaigns.

Heidi Cerenzia Director, Demand Generation

Builds top of funnel and drives quality demand.

Atoosa Hashemi Marketing Intern

Assists the team in supporting marketing processes.

Brent Hale Account Manager
Dwayne McDaniel Account Manager

Helping new customers realize the value of moving to a true cloud enterprise platform.

Halid Ibrahimovic Business Development Manager
Riyanka Jhingran Account Manager
Wes Manning Manager, Sales Engineering
Brian MacKinney Developer Training Manager

Designs and implements training programs for partners, clients, and employees.

Marcus Mitchell Assistant to Head of Team Operations
Harrison Dahme
Jonathan Porta Front End Engineer

Building the user's experience.

Merrick Clark Customer Success Engineer