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More business websites run on Drupal and WordPress than on any other technology in the world. Businesses need more than hosting to build, launch, and run their websites. Pantheon is the professional website platform top developersmarketers, and IT pros use to build, launch, and run all their Drupal and WordPress sites. Pantheon powers 55,000+ sites, including Intel, Cisco, Arizona State University, and the United Nations.

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Why Build a Professional Website Platform?

Website development is complex, and hosting makes it harder. Any time spent configuring a server would be better spent growing your business. A professional website platform allows you to offload difficult, mission-critical tasks to the cloud and scale in software. Our team of 30+ and growing is focused on solving the obvious problems in building, launching, and running professional websites. Meet the team of web infrastructure leaders who built Pantheon, and read about our roots in Open Source and building large-scale infrastructure.

How Pantheon is changing the web

How Pantheon is Changing the Web


After proving that Drupal websites can scale to hundreds of millions of pageviews without upgrading VMs and server clusters, we declared hosting dead. Then, we extended Pantheon’s capabilities to WordPress. Now professional websites can scale in software to 100 million pageviews on the same infrastructure from day one.
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Unlike hosting, Pantheon supports developers and designers in doing great work. More amazing launches happen on Pantheon because power tools give top developers everything they need to build best-practice WordPress and Drupal sites.
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container-based infrastructure lets marketers grow without worrying about traffic spikes, security, or performance.
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